More and more Brits are getting their hands on refurbished phones

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Between rising costs of living, the improving quality of hardware, and the desire to live a more sustainable and environment-friendly life, British consumers are increasingly opting to buy second-hand smartphones, new research has found. 

A report from Vodafone found a third (32%) of Brits now own a refurbished smartphone, with an additional quarter (24%) planning on buying one such device in the future. 

This also seems to be a growing trend, as Vodafone claims that searches for refurbished phones on its website went up by 39% in the last six months, alone.

Refurbished phone bounce

Saving money is the primary driver pushing people towards refurbished phones, with almost half (47%) just looking to cut down on spending, with Brits believing they can save around £140 when buying second-hand. More than a third (37%) would consider a refurbished device to be more sustainable, too.

But they’re not just going to buy any used phone. Half (47%) want it to be in pristine condition and come with a warranty. Two in five (39%) demand a guarantee for the battery, but above all - 59% want the device to save them money.

While smartphones may be the most obvious choice when on the hunt for a refurbished device, Brits are buying all sorts of used tech. A quarter (26%) purchased refurbished laptops, while a fifth bought used TVs (22%) or tablet devices (21%). What’s more, 39% of Brits said they are now more likely to shop second-hand in general, as a direct result of the rising costs of living. 

Gen-Z is most likely to buy such hardware (61%) compared to Boomers (21%).

Of those that would rather purchase a new device (42%), most are worried about the quality of the hardware (65%), while some fear the gear wouldn’t last as long (45%). A significant minority (27%) is worried about data breaches.

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