Top 14 Android Apps for the T-Mobile G1

TuneWiki - Hey, it's a karaoke game. No, wait, it's a GPS tool. Oh, hang on, it's a social networking beast.

Actually, it's all three, thanks to this app that syncs music and music videos with on-screen lyrics, even getting the old translator out should you find yourself crooning the Albanian number one of the week.

You can share info with friends on what you're doing song-wise, and look on the map to see what others are up to, with location-based charts of songs to help you stay in the know.

Wikitude - Useful if you're out and about and are looking for local points of interest. It's tied into Wikipedia and delivers info based on what Wiki has to say. Or pimp your phone's GPS with one of 10,000 points of interest files.

City Slikkers - This might be yet another GPS-based app, but it's a game and don't forget one of the main features of Android is getting all location-based happy.

Cities get allocated into zones, and using the online functions you are pitted against other teams to complete challenges, meaning you could be an enemy of the pretty girl you smile at in the bar, without even knowing it.

Spoxt - Getting the best from blogs, forums and SMS, this app helps you regain your sense of internet community by putting you in touch with people eager to share local information with you, and even pictures and event news too thanks to the geolocating function. Though we don't know why it's called Spoxt.

Space Bugs - This is a proper old skool game where you have to control two ships at the same time in a 'semi-3D' environment. Those of you who remember Gyrus/Tempest and Xenon 2/Tyrian 2000 will want to try this one out!

WikiNotes - This was designed to demonstrate the power of Android, which uses intents to navigate to wiki words and other rich content stored in the notes. This allows you to get involved with the inner workings of the phone, which will obviously be appealing to some.

Lost Android - With a handset as fancy as the T-Mobile G1, you'll want to do whatever you can to keep hold of it. Lost Android let's you keep some control over the handset if it leaves your possession unwittingly - set alarms, lock it, track it, back it up and generally scare the bejesus out of whoever has sticky-fingered your property.

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