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Google unveils offline mobile Mail

Looking good, Sheth...
Looking good, Sheth...

Some of you out there might be aware there's an evil place that lurks under the streets of London, cutting you off from all email connection. But once again, Google has come to the rescue with offline Gmail connectivity.

The new Google Mail 2.0 pack offers the chance to check your email already stored in the inbox, and write new messages ready for sending when you finally break back into the cool, fresh air.

You can also store multiple messages ready to be sent, and the program will perform said flinging to the necessary people in the background of whatever you're doing.


The new 2.0 pack also has a few more shortcut keys that Google thinks we all need in our lives, such as instant scrolling to the top and bottom of messages and also the ability to undo things when you accidentally delete a message or the like.

The final feature that power users will be into is the ability to link multiple Google accounts together, so if you have separate mail addresses for work and home, you're about to get a lot more converged.

Available for J2ME devices and Blackberries at the moment, expect more to be supported in the future. Watch the YouTube video, presented by Shyam Sheth, Product Manager for Gmail, if you want to see this story in video with plinky-plunky music.