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Carphone Warehouse slips on 'Comes with Music' release

Comes with Music not coming soon...
Comes with Music not coming soon...

The first phone packed with Nokia's 'Comes with Music' functionality was rumoured to be hitting the shelves in less than a month, according to The Carphone Warehouse website, but the company has since admitted the date was put up in error.

Reuters spotted the release date on the website, where it stated the new service, which will be first available with the Nokia 5310, would be available for consumers on 17 October this year.


However, the roving investigative team at TechRadar went on the hunt for clarification, and got the following statement from The Carphone Warehouse:

"The sales start for Nokia Comes with Music has not yet been finalised and the date that was posted on The Carphone Warehouse website was an error.

"We're delighted with the level of interest in the launch of Comes with Music and will confirm further details in due course".

So the long and the short of it: there's no release date as yet for a service that people are looking to as a benchmark in mobile music.

Though The Carphone Warehouse did state it would still be the first with the service in the UK, so keep your eyes peeled there.

The 'Comes with Music' service is the first of its kind, with users able to download as much music as they want from (currently) three major music labels, and keep it at the end of the 12-month subscription.