Mobile Industry Awards 2022: Juice wins Sustainability Initiative of the Year

MIA 2022 Sustainability
(Image credit: Future)

Juice's "Juice Made Mindfully" programme has been named the Sustainability Initiative of the Year at the Mobile Industry Awards 2022.

A new addition for 2022, this award recognises that the issue of sustainability is at the forefront of everyone in the mobile industry's minds. 

Mobile technology can enable other industries to reduce emissions, while there are always ways that the industry itself can go further on the journey to net zero, and this award recognises projects that have a positive impact on the industry or wider society, rewarding innovation and success.

Our 2022 finalists were:

  • Assurant Device Care Centre Sustainability Initiative
  • Belkin International - Sustainability Initiatives
  • Genuine Solutions - Powering Charity Take Back Schemes
  •  Juice - Juice Made Mindfully
  •  Utelize - Transforming Enterprise Mobility through Sustainability

Our entrants were asked to submit entries based on the following criteria:

  • Define the project or initiative scope: include timelines, goals and team members.
  • Demonstrate the clear sustainability or environmental goals of the project.
  • What was the motivation behind the initiative?
  • How successful was the implementation of this project or initiative? Was it within budget and delivered in time?
  • What have been its benefits? Provide hard evidence that goals have – or are being – achieved.

Why Juice won

In a highly competitive field, the judges felt that Juice's campaign ticked all the right boxes when it comes to sustainability progress.

Covering everything from cables to portable speakers, the company's biggest-ever sustainability push meant that materials recovered from waste sites will be recycled and re-used.

Congratulations to Juice, and all our 2022 finallists!