ARM delighted with Microsoft Surface tablet

ARM delighted with Microsoft Surface tablet
ARM chips are inside the Microsoft Surface tablet for Windows RT

ARM has expressed its excitement over the Microsoft Surface tablet for Windows RT, calling its arrival a "significant milestone".

Lance Howarth, EVP of marketing at ARM, believes that the Microsoft Surface tablet is an illustration of the continued innovation of its chip designs.

"ARM is excited to see Microsoft's announcement of Surface for Windows RT," said Howarth in a statement to TechRadar.

"It represents a significant milestone in Microsoft's journey to expand the support of the Windows operating system and embrace the ARM architecture.


The ARM man suggests that the form-factor of the Microsoft Surface tablet will make it a hit with consumers.

"With its ultra sleek, light weight, innovative design, Surface for Windows RT looks set to deliver a compelling consumer experience," added Howarth.

"Surface for Windows RT is yet another example of the ARM partnership in action, driving the pace of innovation across the industry.

"Devices like Surface for Windows RT demonstrate that we are in a new era of computing as energy efficient mobile technology redefines our expectations of consumer devices, creating new and compelling experiences that change our everyday lives."

Windows 8 is the first version of the OS to run on ARM's infrastructure, finally breaking away from just the Intel x86 platform that has dominated PCs in the past.

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