Apple has iPad mini Smart Cover cases good to go, say sources

Apple has iPad mini Smart Cover cases good to go say sources

Last minute rumour alert: sources are now claiming that Apple has cut-down Smart Covers ready and waiting for the iPad mini.

Apparently set to be named iPad mini Smart Cover, 9to5Mac's sources say the smaller covers will come in red, dark grey, light grey, pink, green and blue.

If you believe the site's "reliable sources" then this revelation would seem to confirm that what we've all been calling the iPad mini will in fact be named the iPad mini.


The diminuitive iPad is strongly expected to be unveiled at Apple's big shindig later today, but at the time of writing it remains completely unconfirmed.

Given the torrent of leaks we've seen over the past months, it will be more surprising if Apple doesn't unveil the iPad mini at its event in San Jose than if it does.

The whole shebang kicks off at 6pm BST/10am PST and you can join us iPad mini launch liveblog or on the TechRadar Twitter page.

From 9to5Mac