Sony Vaio tablet rumours resurface

Sony's Vaio X netbook entered the mini-computer market later than most other manufacturers

Sony is rumoured to be working on a tablet PC to compete with the Apple iPad.

The idea of a Vaio-branded tablet PC will no doubt excite fans of Sony's high-end mobile computing brand, although there has been no 'official' word from Sony to confirm such plans.

Bloomberg spoke with Sony's SVP of IT Products Mike Abary. He informed the financial newsgatherer that Sony has been exploring the tablet PC market "for a number of years," adding that the marketplace currently has some "interesting opportunities."

Funny that! And of course it is purely coincidental that Apple is about to launch its iPad in the UK later this very month…

Sony has a habit of playing a watching brief when it comes to new and emerging markets, having taken some time to enter the netbook market with the Vaio P and Vaio X ultraportable ranges.

Via Bloomberg