More moms want tablets and smartphones for Mother's Day

Mom wants a new smartphone or tablet for mother's day

While mom might tell you that all she needs for Mother's Day is your smile, that is really code for a new tablet or smartphone, according to a national survey.

An survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, found that tablets and smartphones are growing on the wish lists of moms across the country.

Ranking fourth after more traditional gifts of a spa day, flowers, and jewelry, 30 percent of mothers with children under 18 said a shiny new piece of hardware was the ideal present.

Tablets weren't far behind either, with the number one pick of spa treatment getting 48 percent of the vote.

Men not-so-savvy at gift giving

Meanwhile, men aren't quite as savvy when it comes to gift giving for Mother's Day.

The same survey found that men thought the top requested gifts were flowers, jewelry, a spa day, and candy.

Close, but gift givers should trade that sweet tooth in for an even sweeter Ice Cream Sandwich or new iPad device on May 13.