LG Z430 Super Ultrabook to strut its stuff at CES 2012

LG Z430 Super Ultrabook to strut its stuff at CES 2012
It's the LG Super Ultra Fantastic Mega Book

LG may have taken the wraps off its LG Z330 Ultrabook in Korea late last year, but it's now revealed that we'll see a 14-inch version that will be shown off at CES 2012, known as the LG Z430.

Like its 13-inch compatriot, the Z430 will feature Windows 7, speedy boot-up time, the second-gen Intel i7 processor, SATA3 SSD and dashing, MacBook Air inspired good looks.

You can check out video of LG's Ultrabooks from CES below:

The 14-inch LG Z430 will weigh in at 1.5kg with a skinny 19.9mm chassis, and comes with an HDD alongside the SSD.

The term Ultrabook doesn't contain enough hyperbole for LG. Oh no, its slim powerful notebooks aren't just ultra, they're SUPER ULTRA – and thus the LG Super Ultrabook Series was born. Both the LG Z330 and LG Z430 fall into the Super Ultrabook category.


By comparison, the rest of the LG CES 2012 notebook line up looks a bit lacklustre if only because there's no super in their names; the company will showcase two new 3D notebooks and an all-in-one touchscreen PC.

The LG P535 is a Cinema 3D notebook with 15.6-inch backlit LED display and i7 processor, while the glasses-free LG A540 brings enhanced 4.1 channel sounds and the Nvidia GT555M graphics card to the laptop party.

Finally, LG's first all-in-one PC will be showcased in the form of the LG V300. It comes with 3D tech and an IPS display on its 23-inch screen as well as an outrageous triple-camera system for superior touchscreen action.

LG's entire CES 2012 laptop line-up will launch throughout the first quarter of 2012 with UK pricing and release dates to be confirmed.

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