Dell exec: 'pure Intel days were better'

Dell's new Latitude E6400 - for beefy laptop lovers everywhere

With Dell's new Latitude range featuring a pure Intel line-up, we could not resist the obvious question as we were at the launch in London. When would Dell return to being a purely Intel company?

After all, this seemed to be the last time that Dell was confidently the number 1 computing manufacturer. The official response was that AMD was part of its ongoing strategy, but after a few glasses of wine, one Dell executive admitted to "feedback having been fed up the chain" and that the time when "Dell was a pure Intel company were better days".

All said, there may well be a place for AMD in Dell's line-up, such as its enterprise-class Optiplex servers and its budget desktop client offerings. But the new Latitude range featuring Intel's latest Centrino 2 and vPro management technologies certainly looked like it would be a success story on paper.

We look forward to testing its humongous 19-hour battery-life claims in due course however.