Microsoft OneDrive update could make you a better employee overnight

OneDrive on a Laptop
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Microsoft is working on an update for cloud storage service OneDrive that will help remote workers ensure that important tasks don’t slip through the cracks.

As explained in a new entry to the Microsoft 365 product roadmap, OneDrive for Business users will soon benefit from a dedicated feed that highlights recent activity associated with their files.

“When you navigate to the ‘My Files’ page in OneDrive for Business Web, you’ll see an Activity column that shows which of your shared documents have unseen edits and comments,” the roadmap states.

The new OneDrive feature is still currently under development, but should roll out to all professional users by the end of April 2022.

Microsoft OneDrive update

Since the transition to remote working at the start of the pandemic, many employees have been increasingly reliant on a combination of file hosting and collaboration services to complete tasks as they usually would.

But with the increase in the amount of collaboration that’s happening across live documents and spreadsheets, it has become easier to miss important communications from colleagues, including comments and edits.

The new OneDrive feature, however, should give users a simple way to browse a chronological list of edits that have been made to their documents, minimizing the likelihood of something getting lost in the churn.

The upcoming update will build upon a foundation already established by recent feature additions, all of which are designed to make OneDrive as well-rounded as possible in an increasingly competitive market.

For example, Microsoft recently announced measures to help users more easily control who has access to their files, a new pinning system for their most commonly used files and a simplified interface that makes locating files less difficult.

Although data collected by TechRadar Pro suggests Google Drive is currently the most popular cloud storage service by some margin, Microsoft will hope OneDrive improvements like these will help capture a larger portion of the business market.

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