Logitech launches a pair of premium wireless mice

Logitech has announced two new wireless mice with mobile productivity in mind, but what’s arguably more impressive is its new multi-desktop navigation software.

Starting off with the hardware, Logitech introduced a pair of its latest flagship mice, the Logitech MX Master 2S and MX Anywhere 2S. Both mice feature improved DarkfieldHigh Precision tracking, which offers a maximum tracking resolution of 4,000 DPI. And that’s even on glass, typically the most challenging surface type for optical and laser sensors to work on. 

Like Logitech’s gaming mice, the MX-master series can be calibrated to any surface for fast and accurate cursor movements. Both mice come also in a new blue or white color in addition to the original black and copper color scheme of their predecessors.

In terms of battery life Logitech rates the MX Master 2S and MX Anywhere 2S  will run for 70 days continuously, almost double the 40 day battery life of the previous generation peripherals.

The Logitech MX Master 2S and MX Anywhere 2S will both arrive in June for $99 (about £80, AU$130) and $79 (about £60, AU$110), respectively.

Go with the flow

Along with a new pair of flagship mice, Logitech has also introduced a new piece of multi-tasking software for working across separate computers even if they run different operating systems. Thanks to this new piece of cross-computer control software, users can navigate across three different computers with either the MX Master 2S or MX Anywhere 2S.

On top of simply moving your cursor between systems, Logitech Flow also enables users to copy and paste text or even transfer images with a few mouse clicks.

The only catch with Logitech Flow is it needs to be installed on all the computers. Logitech Flow will also work with a few other peripherals including the M720 Triathlon, M590 Silent and M585 mice as well as the K780, K380, K375S and MK850 keyboards.

Kevin Lee

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