Lenovo just leaked the next generation of AMD Ryzen Pro 5000 processors

AMD Ryzen PRO 5000 Series Mobile Processors
(Image credit: AMD)

The specifications for the next generation of AMD Ryzen Pro 5000 processors have apparently been leaked online by a fairly surprising source.

The leak, originally highlighted in a tweet by a user called HXL, saw the specifications of the new line of processors described in a document related to the Lenovo ThinkStation P358 Tower workstation.

The specifications, which are still live on the Lenovo website, have yet to be officially confirmed by AMD, so may not be fully accurate.

What can the processors do?

The booklet included the specs of four different processors: Ryzen 5 Pro 5645, AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 5845, and AMD Ryzen Pro 5945.

The AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 5645 features six cores with a base frequency of 3.7GHz and 12 threads, and the AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 5845 features six cores with eight threads and a base frequency of 3.4GHz - both processors have a max frequency of 4.6GHz.

The AMD Ryzen Pro 5945 has 12 cores with 24 threads, with a base frequency of 3.0GHz and a max frequency of 4.7GHz.

All the above processors feature DDR4-3200 memory support, but none feature integrated gaphics. 

Lenovo is also rolling out AMD hardware in even more of its new offerings.

The laptop giant's newest mobile workstations, the ThinkPad P15v Gen 3 and ThinkPad P14s Gen 3, are also powered by AMD Ryzen processors, a significant departure from many previously released ThinkPad's which run on Intel processors..

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