LastPass upgrades MFA options for businesses and consumers alike

LastPass Authenticator App
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LogMeIn is making it easier for businesses and consumers to take advantage of multi-factor authentication (MFA) with the release of an updated LastPass Authenticator mobile app for its password manager.

By employing MFA when accessing important or sensitive web-based resources, users can take a proactive step  to protect themselves against today's heightened cyber threats. In fact, according to recent research from LastPass, 62 percent of IT decision makers believe MFA is the most effective way to secure their remote workforces.

The LastPass Authenticator app is available for free to all LastPass users and it provides a second layer of authentication on logins to the LastPass vault, third-party sites and business applications. Before accessing the saved passwords in their LastPass vault, users must first confirm their identity using the app.

With this new update, the LastPass Authenticator app now has a refreshed user interface as well as search functionality to reduce complexity and streamline the authentication experience. At the same time though, the company will consolidate its separate LastPass MFA app into its enhanced Authenticator app.

LastPass MFA package

In addition to updating its Authenticator app, LastPass is also bringing new security features to businesses in the form of its LastPass MFA package. The package adds an extra layer of security to organization's VPN services, workstations, identity providers or cloud applications. 

According to a blog post from LastPass, MFA for VPN is made possible through the LastPass Universal Proxy which supports both the RADIUS and LDAP authentication protocols. Currently LastPass supports MFA for VPNs from Cisco, F5, Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, Pulse Secure, SonicWall and OpenVPN.

Finally, admins will be able to add multi-factor authentication to their endpoints later in the second quarter through a new admin experience that increases visibility and streamlines MFA deployment.

LastPass VP of product management at LogMeIn, Dan DeMichele explained in a press release how the company's new additions can be especially helpful for organizations whose employees are still working from home, saying:

“When employees are accessing company information outside of the traditional corporate perimeter, it’s critical for IT to ensure the employee logging in is who they say they are. With a newly enhanced LastPass Authenticator app, new integrations with top VPN providers, and a refreshed MFA admin experience, admins can seamlessly choose the right level of protection for their organization, without causing end-user confusion.”

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