Jaguar E-Pace brings on the tech with a 10-inch touchscreen as standard

The Jaguar E-Pace has officially been launched. It's a new compact performance SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) which follows on from the firm’s first ever SUV, the best-selling Jaguar F-Pace.

The British firm is keen to highlight the connected technology inside its latest vehicle as it aims to attract new customers with young families and young professionals in its cross-hairs.

It’s the 10-inch touchscreen sitting atop the center console which is the main talking point here, mainly due to the fact that it comes as standard on all E-Pace models, rather than being a pricey optional extra.

Jaguar’s own Touch Pro system is the brains behind the customizable display, which boasts a home screen with various apps and widgets that you can select and arrange to your liking – much like the home screen on your smartphone.

While you’ll be able to control the DAB radio and music from your phone via this touchscreen, to get the full range of features it’ll need an internet connection. 

Luckily the E-Pace comes with a microSIM port in the storage bin between the front two seats – although you’ll have to provide your own data SIM (which will see you incur a monthly fee for the service).

With this connection the satellite navigation will be improved and you’ll also benefit from services such as the weather and calendar entries on the expansive display.

Jaguar is also focused on keeping your devices topped up with two USB ports in the storage bin, while you’ll also get four 12v power points as standard – including one in the boot.

If you want to keep your rear passengers topped up you can swap out the rear 12v power point and replace it with three USB ports for an additional cost.

More displays

There are also two more display optional extras available on the E-Pace, with the first replacing the traditional analogue instrument cluster with a HD, full color 12.3-inch screen which can show the driver a wealth of information including sat nav directions and music playback.

If you want to really feel like you’re driving in the future you can opt to plump for a color heads up display (HUD) which projects vital stats such as speed on the windscreen, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road more.

The E-Pace features both front and rear cameras, allowing for easier parking and semi autonomous driving options.

For the adventurous out there the E-Pace is also compatible with Jaguar's Activity Key - a waterproof, wearable wristband which acts as a key for the car, allowing you to leave your main keys in the vehicle while you go off to surf/ski/swim/shop.

The Jaguar E-Pace is available to order from today from £28,500 ($38,600), with the first cars expected to be delivered in six months, putting it head to head with the likes of the BMW X1 and Audi Q3 in the compact SUV market.

John McCann
Global Managing Editor

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