After two years it's finally happened - This 1TB PS5 SSD is available under $100

Adata Premium SSD for PS5 deal
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After what feels like an eternity, we now finally have a 1TB PS5 SSD which officially retails far under $100. It's the Adata Premium SSD model which is made specifically with the console in mind. This is truly a first in the storage world, so act quickly before the rates increase again. 

That's because the Adata Premium for PS5 is selling for just $87.99 at Amazon. While the manufacturer itself may not be quite up there with some of the largest PS5 SSD names, such as Samsung, Western Digital, and Corsair, we still think it's well worth giving a shot because of its sequential performance.

That's because the Adata Premium is capable of reaching speeds of 6,100 MB/s – far exceeding the minimum recommendations of 5,500 MB/s. It's not quite the fastest Gen 4.0 drive we've ever seen but does outperform some earlier once-flagship sticks all the same. What's more, there's no need for a standalone PS5 SSD heatsink either, as this one features a low-profile option right out of the box.  

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Adata Premium SSD for PS5 1TB | $87.99 at Amazon

Adata Premium SSD for PS5 1TB | $87.99 at Amazon
We haven't seen a PS5 SSD available in the 1TB configuration retail for under $100 before, making this Adata Premium model well worth considering for those on a budget. It's no slouch in the speed department either, as it's rated at up to 6,100 MB/s read speeds, more than enough to match the internal storage drive.

We consider a drive like this to be an essential PS5 accessory. That's because the PS5 only ships with 667GB of usable storage, which can fill up quickly when you consider huge games on the platform such as God of War: Ragnarok and Warzone 2. With this 1TB memory kit, you're more than doubling that storage, meaning more time for the best PS5 games and less time spent playing inventory management data Tetris. 

With the Cyber Monday PS5 deals happening right now, we've seen some PS5 SSDs coming close to this mark, but none have sold quite as cheaply yet. Now is a great time to make essential headroom. If you don't know where to start, our how to install a PS5 SSD guide should get you up to speed. 

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