iPhone 14 leak points to surprise size rise

iPhone 13 Pro Max
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Do you love the size of your giant iPhone 13 Pro Max or tiny iPhone 13 mini? Well, don't count on buying an upgraded version that makes you as happy, because it sounds like the iPhone 14 series won't hit the size highs or lows of the 13 line.

This comes from reliable leaker @shadow_leak, who tweeted some screen specs for the four iPhone 14 models we're expecting to see. The information includes screen sizes, chipsets, display materials and RAM for the devices.

According to the leaker, the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro will both get 6.06-inch displays while the 14 Max and 14 Pro Max will get 6.68-inch ones. The Pro models are  said to use the new A16 Bionic chipset and LPTO screens (for variable refresh rate), while the non-Pro ones are said to get the older A15 Bionic chip and 60Hz displays.

All the phones are apparently set to come with 6GB of RAM and Flexible OLED screens - that's just the name for the display material, it doesn't mean these are folding phones.

It doesn't seem like there's an iPhone 14 mini, but people who follow Apple leaks won't be surprised by this, because we've heard it plenty of times from leakers already. So if you like small phones, you're going to be disappointed that the smallest member of the family is now a lot bigger.

However if you like big phones you should also be warned, because the two Max phones are actually a tiny bit smaller than the iPhone 13 Pro Max. That had a 6.7-inch display, which is a touch bigger than the 6.68 inches offered here.

Analysis: we've already got the iPhone 14 mini

If you refuse to use a phone with an above-6-inch display, and would otherwise be disappointed that there's no iPhone 14 mini, we've got some news for you: it's already available to buy.

Well, not under that name exactly - Apple's calling it the iPhone SE (2022). The company's newest 'affordable' iPhone is basically what you'd expect from an iPhone 14 mini.

It's a small phone with the A15 Bionic chipset, 5G connectivity and a lower price than its siblings. Sure, it's quite a far cry from how we imagine the iPhone 14 will look, as it has a chunky chin and Touch ID button, but it's close enough in other areas.

So if you need a small iPhone, the iPhone SE 3 is the device for you. And if you need a big one? Well, you better stick to your iPhone 13 Pro Max for now.

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