Yahoo Search Pad takes on Google

Yahoo launches new 'Search Pad' interactive notetaking software
Yahoo launches new 'Search Pad' interactive notetaking software

Yahoo aims to make searching for information and researching topics online even less of a chore with its latest 'Search Pad' interactive note-taking software.

If you are planning on buying a car or going on holiday then Yahoo claims that Search Pad will assist you, by automatically tracking and organising sites you find on Yahoo! Search.

Yahoo's latest app will allow users to "capture, organise, save and share information they find while researching online" with the company pegging it as ideal for "extensive research in categories such as academic, health, jobs, travel, or shopping".

Intelligent detection

Search Pad "intelligently detects" when a user is researching around a particular topic, and after a few searches a pop-up window asks you if you wish Yahoo to be taking notes for you.

"We've been paying attention to this customer need for some time and on how to address it. Other search engines aren't addressing it," says Tom Chi, senior director of user experience at Yahoo.

You may remember that Google dropped a similar service called Google Notebook earlier this year. Still, TechRadar will give Yahoo Search Pad a whirl, but we're yet to be convinced that it could replace our beloved Evernote, as our favourite digital notepad.

Intrigued? Head over to Yahoo now for a video demo of Search Pad

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