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Wolfram Alpha Widgets announced

Computational Engine apps
Computational Engine apps

Wolfram has announced a beta release of Wolfram|Alpha widgets, bringing the computational engine to your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

The widgets offer the chance to build a mini-app on top of Wolfram Alpha queries – so you can do those oft-repeated computations more quickly.

The Wolfram Alpha widgets given as a examples include the 'essential kitchen unit converter' which, as you may expect deals with units and measures and a mathematical derivative solver.

Free mini-apps

"Wolfram Alpha Widgets are free, personalised mini-apps that leverage the depth and breadth of the Wolfram Alpha computational knowledge engine," explains Wolfram's release.

"Widgets can do almost anything, from calculating calories in a recipe to solving complex equations.

"If Wolfram Alpha can answer your query, you can use it to create a widget."

When you are done creating your widget you can then share it on Facebook, Twitter or via email.

You can check out the beta at and even make your own.

TechRadar has already come up with an 'not a valid input, please try again' app with virtually no effort whatsoever.