You spend 22 hours a month social networking


According to new stats, you might be spending up to 22 hours a month on social networking sites. That's only if you're a heavy user though - the UK average is a measly 5.8 hours a month.

Online measurement expert comScore released the figures as part of its report into the online habits of the UK social networking community. The European social networking community received 127.3 million unique visitors in August - accounting for a staggering 56 per cent of the European online population.

UK participation in social networking is the highest in Europe, with 78 per cent of the total U.K. online population - that's 24.9 million unique visitors - now belonging to a social networking site.

The average UK user apparently made 23.3 visits in August to social networking sites. Less than one per day? They clearly didn't take the office into account then...