Revealed: 20 Facebook apps that don't suck

8. Music
There are several apps that enable you to integrate music into your Facebook profile. iLike deserves a mention for its flexibility and superb playback console, but we prefer the Music app. Pulling data direct from your playlist profile, it enables you to embed playlists, favourite artists and even free MP3s into Facebook. itself updates automatically as you boogie to tracks in iTunes or Windows Media Player.

9. My Flickr
There's already a photo album application in Facebook, but it's nowhere near as comprehensive as Flickr. The online image sharing service integrates seamlessly in this third party application. You can stream whole albums full of pictures to your profile or filter using date, tags, and other criteria. Some users have complained about a tricky interface, but we find it easy to manually update the feed and add images to Facebook profiles.

10. Page Manager
Here's a turn up: the first of just three Facebook developed apps to make our list. Page Manager enables you to create - and manage - Facebook pages. What are they? A page is like a profile, but about any subject. Use them to promote a band, build a shrine to your favourite telly programme or post recipes for spag bol. It's all up to you, really. Built-in metric tools enable you to track page hits and follow your fans.

11. Blog RSS Feed Reader
Blog RSS Feed Reader lets you add RSS feeds to your profile. You can add multiple feeds, configuring how headlines are sorted and formatted on your page. That means you can plug just about any blog into your profile or page, whether it's your own self centred scribbling or a favourite site with its own public feed. It's an unwieldy name for a simple and effective application.

12. Visual Bookshelf
Like Flixster Movies, Visual Bookshelf is a social application with rating and review features. Instead of movies though, you can tell everyone what you're currently reading. You can also add books you've already read, giving them scores and adding a few words of blurb. Best of all, the application suggests further reading choices based on your collection.

13. Testimonials
LinkedIn is essentially Facebook for dull people. With its focus on business networking it lacks all the bells and whistles common to other social sites, except one. You can write recommendations for your LinkedIn friends - a paragraph that serves as both reference and introduction to potential contacts. Testimonials adds similar functionality to Facebook, so you can finally mix business and pleasure. Watch out for some intrusive banner ads on this one.

14. MSN Messenger Button
Want to make it easy for your Facebook friends to add you to MSN Messenger? Give them Messenger Button. The application places an "Add Me to MSN Messenger" button on your profile, which connects with the titular instant messaging application and sends you a friend request when clicked. Simple. There's a version for Yahoo! Messenger users, too.

15. Causes
It would take a pretty hard hearted and tight fisted person to declare that Causes, one of Facebook's most popular apps, wasn't a worthwhile addition to your profile. You can use it to create special pages dedicated to educational, political or environmental issues. Built-in donation tools enable you to accept charitable payments and keep a running total.

16. To-Do List
As a tool for organising your time whether for work or play, there's nothing as helpful to have as a simple list. To-Do List gives you that the capability to create categorised lists within Facebook, so you can keep a tally of what tasks you need to complete while you procrastinate online. With colour coded listings and custom categories, it's effective and easy to use - and Facebook's a great place for it.