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Microsoft launches So.Cl, search-based social network with hint of Pinterest

Microsoft launches So.Cl social network with a hint of Pinterest
Microsoft joins the social networking arena

With all of the social media attention focused on Facebook's IPO, Zuckerberg's wedding and Pakistan briefly blocking Twitter this weekend, Microsoft has quietly launched its own attempt at a social network

The So.Cl website, which has been in private Beta since December last year, is a social search service, which encourages members to share web-links.

The service, like Pinterest, lets users have a board, which they can populate with links from Bing searches. The design, however, is much more like Google+.

Users can share "rich posts," that contains images and links, presented visually, and can also host "video parties" where they watch YouTube clips together.

Social studies

The idea was for So.Cl to provide assistance with academic research, allowing students to easily share relevant links with followers.

It was initially trialed with college students in Washington, Syracuse and New York but is now open to all. You can sign up today using your Facebook or Windows Live logins.

Somewhat strangely, it also posts your search requests to a news feed.

With that in mind, it's not really advisable to be indulging in any dubious activities while using the service unless you want a 'so and so just searched for porn' on your page.

Via: VentureBeat