Google's malware puzzle

"We've been targeting malware for over a year and a half," says Google's security blogger

Google has asked for your help in tracking the ever-increasing mountain of malware. But instead of weeding out malware from its search results, the search giant merely wants to continue to flag net nasties rather than remove them completely. And despite its puzzling stance, Google reckons it's doing a good job.

"We've been targeting malware for over a year and a half, and these efforts are paying off. We are now able to display warnings in search results when a site is known to be malicious, which can help you avoid drive-by downloads and other computer compromises," says Ian Fette posting on Google's Security Blog.

Impartial search results

One of Google's staple points of reference is to harp on about the impartiality of its search results. However, sooner or later Google is going to have to get rid of malware-toting links. After all, if what we're told about the rise in malware is correct, even Google might well find it a little difficult to continue its 'leave it to the user' approach.

Fette posted the link to this form that enables you to send in your favourite malware emporiums. "We are working on bringing this protection to more users by integrating with more Google products. While these are great steps, we need your help going forward," he added.


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