Vodafone, Acer and the Telegraph suffer DNS hack

Vodafone, Acer and the Telegraph suffer DNS hack
The redirect was to a statement released by Turkish hackers

A number of high-profile website have been subject to a DNS attack, with Vodafone, Acer and the Telegraph's websites all redirected to a third-party site belonging to Turkish hackers.

According to security specialist Sophos, the websites themselves weren't actually touched but a re-direct was put into place with the words: "4 Sept. We TurkGuvenligi declare this day as World Hackes Day - Have fun ;) h4ck y0u."

DNS test

As well as Vodafone and the like, UPS, The National Geographic and BetFair were also affected.

All of these sites – there seems to 186 in total – belong to web providers Ascio and NetNames, which are owned by Group NBT.

Many of the sites are back on this morning, with the Register reporting that no data was leaked in the hack and as far as they could tell there was no attempt from the hackers to get into the site.

The Guardian managed to bag an interview with the hackers, where they explained how they go about hacking a site.

"First we target site itself. if we can't find a vuln [vulnerability]. on the script of site we try accessing server or vps [virtual private server]. If none of them works we try domain company."

So far, there has been no statement from NetNames about the incident.

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