Spotify US launch imminent, sign up page appears

Spotify - coming to America
Spotify - coming to America

Spotify is readying itself for a launch in the US, by posting a sign-up page on its UK website.

There has been rumour after rumour of Spotify launching in the US, but music companies have so far dug their heels in, which has meant Spotify has had to make a number of changes to its model.

The most significant of these was back in April, when it announced that it would be changing its free service so that you can only listen to 10 hours of music a month.

The reason for this wasn't really made clear by Spotify, other than it was done to keep the free service afloat.

Off the record, it seemed that Spotify was changing the way it did things at the whim of the US record companies.

Coming to America

The sign-up page for the US version of Spotify reads: "Spotify is coming to the US. The award-winning music service that's taken Europe by storm will soon be landing on US shores.

"Millions of tracks to play instantly, on your computer and on your phone."

There is also a place where you can add your email to 'be one of the first to get Spotify'.

Interestingly, the notice also says it is free. So, it may be that the US will get a version of the service that we first got in the UK – without all that messy subscription business.

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