Sky gives us a peek into Britain's Yuletide log-ins

Sky figures let us take a sneak peak into connected Christmas habits
Yuletide log-in?

Sky has given us a little insight into what everyone else was doing at Christmas by publishing its broadband usage figures.

There's always something reassuring about checking that our Christmas Day is not particularly different from everyone else's festive experience - but beyond peering in windows, which is of course frowned upon - we generally have to ask people.

One thing we do know, thanks to Sky, is that by and large the amount of us using our devices on Christmas Day declines hugely between the hours of 1pm and 3pm - which you would fairly certain was due to us tucking into our Turkey.

But, by the hour of 11pm, probably after snoozing in front of the TV, we're back on our WiFi checking out the early Boxing Day sales or testing out our brand new tablets and phones.

Sk also tells us that network usage, at least in its 5 million households, was up on last year, as you'd expect from an increasingly technophile nation.

Patrick Goss

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