New 'Ask-An-MP' online service launches launches 'Ask-an-MP' website launches 'Ask-an-MP' website

If you don't happen to have a hotline to your local Member of Parliament, but have something you would like to quiz them about or get off your chest, then you might want to check out the new 'Ask-An-MP' online service.

The service comes courtesy of, funded by the Ministry of Justice in partnership with Channel 4.

The website vote for the most popular questions which are then directed to one of the 12 MPs taking part, recorded on video and posted on the site. Kind of like an online virtual version of Question Time, but one in which you don't have to leave the comfort of your lounge to take part in.

Democracy in action?

"Individual MPs have always been open to their constituents through surgeries, the post and, sometimes, email," said Tim Hood, CEO of

"The service takes that one step further – creating an easy-to-use and open platform where any member of the public can ask any question to the MP of their choice.

"This trial is just the beginning – we're already growing the number of MPs getting involved and the aim is to have each and every member signed up to the service. The ultimate aim is for us to partner with a media organisation to roll this out as a ubiquitous interface between parliament and the public."

Michael Wills, Minister for Democratic Engagement, added: "Yoosk's new parliament website is a brilliant example of the innovative ways people can now engage with local and central decision making online.

"Active participation in public life is essential to an effective democracy and we are committed to encouraging people to get involved in civic activities within their communities and across the country."

For more, head over to Ask-An-MP at

Adam Hartley