MP3 your way to New Year fitness?

The Flo - you could look like this...if you were pretty and a girl, obviously
The Flo - you could look like this...if you were pretty and a girl, obviously

UK start-up The Flo Fitness believes that it has the answer for those people who want to get structured workout sessions without all that talking to the personal trainer hassle – downloadable MP3s.

A team of expert fitness trainers have got together to launch the The Flo Fitness site, which is offering specially made audio programmes for people to work out to, as they bid to get rid of those excess Christmas pounds.

The site has also brought in ex Ministry of Sound DJ Chris Bailey to put the workouts to the coolest beats.

Post crunch AND post turkey dinner

"The credit crunch has hit this country hard and gym memberships have dropped as people try to cut back. Personal trainers, meanwhile, have been too expensive for many of us for a long time," The Flo Director Ross Chainey told TechRadar.

"But people need to make sure they are working out safely and effectively, otherwise that holiday fat isn't going anywhere!

"So we have put together a fitness solution that offers our members access to top-class personal trainers at affordable prices - about 10 per cent of the price of a real personal trainer.

"You can do our workouts in the gym, outdoors or at home, and there really is no better way to kickstart your New Year fitness regime."

Personal trainer

A ten quid one-off joining fee and £4 a routine price may seem a lot, but not when you compare it to the cost of a personal trainer.

Of course, if the prospect of any kind of exercise is enough to have you reaching for the turkey sandwiches, you could always pretend to your loved ones that your New Year extra girth is just muscle.

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