Kim Dotcom: NSA helped make Megaupload a Top 500 site

Kim Dotcom: Prism helped make Mega Upload a Top 500 site
"Masterpiece" - someone, somewhere, probably

Some of you might be currently listening to Kim Dotcom's europop opus, Good Life, right now. Some of you might even be enjoying it.

More importantly, Kim's album marks the launch of his new music-streaming service, Baboom, which arrives in preview mode today.

Speaking to T3, Kim Dotcom talked about the thinking behind his music, but perhaps more interestingly, his thoughts on the NSA.

In response to a question about how demand for Megaupload has changed since the Prism revelations, Kim said the service is "huge" right now.

"We grow 3% every week, we're now a Top 500 site, It's probably the fastest growing internet start-up right now. Every day we have 7 million users visiting our site. We have twice as much traffic as the entirety of New Zealand!"

Baboom shake the room

Speaking further on the matter of internet snooping, Dotcom said he believes Skype is always listening to and recording people's conversations.

"When you're Skype-ing they have software that turns speech into text and run it against an algorithm that searches for keywords and then an analyst looks it if they find keywords that are relevant," he said.

As for the music? All you need to know is summed up in the following Kim response: "I'm totally into beats."

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