Google reveals what we've all been searching for in 2015


As is tradition, Google is signing off the year with a look back at the most popular search queries of the past 12 months.

Google's Year In Search revealed that entertainer Cilla Black, who died in August, was the top-trending search term in the UK in 2015. Google defines top-trending search terms as those "with the highest amount of traffic over a sustained period".

Lady Colin Campbell came in second place, no doubt due to her appearance in this year's series of I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! The author left the show on medical grounds but caused a stir when she accused two of the other contestants of bullying her out.

The list continues with the Rugby World Cup, Jeremy Clarkson and the iPhone 6s all making the top 10. In the year that saw him dropped from Top Gear, Clarkson also topped the list of top-trending male celebrities.

Clarkson's stablemates include Charlie Sheen and the most feared man in Hull, Ronnie Pickering.

Gotta Get Thru This

If you're confused as to why Daniel Bedingfield also made the top 10 we suspect it's because of the false rumours of the singer's death that circulated earlier this year and not because he co-wrote a song that featured on X-Factor winner Ben Haenow's debut album. But who knows.

Meanwhile Adele came first in the Musical Acts category, and the Rugby World Cup was the number one top-trending Moment of the year, followed by the Paris terrorist attacks as the second most prominent.

Finally, when it came to tech terms, the iPhone 6s was top, with the Apple Watch and Galaxy S6 following after. Our collective narcissism took a bit of a blow as searches for segways managed to beat out selfie sticks.

Shamefully, Jurassic World was the only movie to make the list. Hopefully that was from all the people taking to the web to validate their opinion that the movie was a massive let down.

Check out the full list below.

All Trending

1. Cilla Black
2. Lady Colin Campbell
3. Rugby World Cup
4. Jeremy Clarkson
5. Paris
6. iPhone 6s
7. Grand National 2015
8. Jurassic World
9. Election Results
10. Charlie Hebdo

Male Celebs

1. Jeremy Clarkson
2. Lamar Odom
3. Perez Hilton
4. Charlie Sheen
5. Spencer Matthews
6. Lil Chris
7. Ronnie Pickering
8. Daniel Beningfield
9. Daniel Craig
10. Duncan Bannatyne

Female Celebs

1. Cilla Black
2. Lady Colin Campbell
3. Anne Kirkbride
4. Adele
5. Caitlyn Jenner
6. Ruby Rose
7. Katie Hopkins
8. Madonna
9. Bobbi Kristina Brown
10. Rita Ora

Music Act

1. Adle
2. Madonna
3. Rita Ora
4. Lil Chris
5. Sia
6. Eagles of Death Metal
7. Daniel Beningfield
8. Foo Fighters
9. Jay McGuiness
10. Meghan Trainor


1. Rugby World Cup
2. Paris
3. Grand National 2015
4. Charlie Hebdo
5. Lamar Odom
6. Solar Eclipse
7. Wimbledon 2015
8. Royal baby
9. Tube strike
10. Caitlyn Jenner


1. iPhone 6s
2. Apple Watch
3. Samsung Galaxy S6
4. iPhone 7
5. iPad Pro
6. Segway
7. Selfie Stick
8. Hoverboard
9. HTC One M9
10. Nexus 6P

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