Google Now for the web spotted again in Chrome code

Google Now set to invade Chrome browser for Windows and Chrome OS
Google Now for Chrome: Evidence mounting up

Update: Google Now may be spreading its wings to iOS as well, if a now-yanked YouTube video is to be believed.

The vid looks to be a low-res promotional spot for Google Now on the iPhone and iPad, though it may be a fraudulent flick or a never-was project.

Exciting times are seemingly happening...well, now.

Google Now

Destined for the iPhone and iPad? (Credit: Engadget)

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The popular Google Now feature built into Android Jelly Bean is looking ever more likely to make its presence felt on the Chrome web browser after the feature was again spotted by a Chromium developer.

The handy personal assistant, which serves up alert Cards based on the information most relevant to the user at any given time, has been a revelation since it was announced at I/O last summer.

Now it seems Google is preparing a launch for its web browsers on Windows and the Chrome OS, judging by a discovery within the Chromium (the open source version of Chrome) code by Francois Beauford.

The post within Chromium lets users enable and test the Google Now feature if they know the private Google URL. However, the feature hasn't yet been made public so that URL remains guarded.

More evidence

The post on Chromium is headed "enabling testing Google Now component extension," and informs testers that the "Google Now component extension now can be turned on via chrome://flags."

However, this isn't the first time that Google Now for the Chrome browser has been foreshadowed by Beauford.

Back in December developers within the Chromium project were reported to have accepted a submission for "Creating a skeleton for Google Now for Chrome implementation" via Chrome notifications.

Also, in late January this year, the ability for Chromium developers to "Enable Rich Notifications" was also seen as a sign that the integration Google Now Cards isn't far away.

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