Google adds trending search functionality

What you'd see - if you were in the US
What you'd see - if you were in the US

Google has added a new bit of functionality to its US and Japanese search which means that when you are looking for something that happens to be one of the hot trends it will display a graph on the page with extra data.

Google's hot trends functionality is a useful tool for looking at the zeitgeist, reporting on the trending searches.

And now, should what you are looking at correspond to what the world is searching for, you will get a handy graph in your search results that tells you much more.

Graph and data

"Now, when you search and your query matches one of the top 100 fastest-rising search terms, we'll show you a graph at the bottom of page, with more information — like how popular the query is, how fast it's rising over time, and other useful data," says Google's blog.

Although the feature uses the top-100 terms, Google has decided that the hot topics page itself should be cut down to the top-40 searches in order to simplify things

It's currently only functional in the US and Japan and there's no news on when this will be rolled out to UK searches, but the chances are it won't be too long before we see whether we're seeking with the masses.

Patrick Goss

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