Facebook Pages get redesign

Facebook Pages now look a lot more like regular Facebook profiles

Facebook has announced upgrades to its Facebook Pages including a redesign in line with the recent profile update.

Facebook Pages can now display recent photos along the top of the page, as well as allowing admins to highlight who is running the Page.

Meanwhile, tabs have been moved to a column under the Page profile picture.

One nifty new move is to allow Pages to post comments and 'like' other Pages as their own Page, rather than as the person managing the page.

That's confusing

For example, TechRadar could now comment on another company's Facebook Page as TechRadar; this wasn't previously possible.

Other improvements include the filtering technology on the Page Wall, which will display the most interesting posts first (presumably based on number of comments and 'likes').

Developers may also be pleased to hear that the Pages now support iframe based tabs for more design flexibility, while Page owners may enjoy opting to receive email notifications when people post comments on the Page.

Within four weeks, the new format will be rolled out to all Pages on Facebook; personal profiles won't be affected.