Facebook makes a cool $800 million in 2009

Facebook makes $800 in 2009, turning a profit for the first time

Facebook made a cool $800 million in 2009, twice the amount of money it made in 2008.

It is considerably more money than was predicted by some of Facebook's own board members and a number of industry analysts.

It also means that, for the first time, the leading online social network has turned a profit.

Advertisers and userbase growth

Over the last year, the number of advertisers on Facebook has increased by 400 per cent and the number of users has swelled to nearly half a billion worldwide.

The latest news on Facebook's record financial results comes from Reuters, citing "two sources familiar with the situation" to confirm Facebook's 2009 revenues.

While we await official confirmation from Mark Zuckerburg's accountants, it is clear that the massive growth in the company's revenues is an indicator of how it plans to develop as an advertising sales platform.

"They are downplaying their performance," one unnamed source told Reuters.

"There's no upside in getting people's expectations high, it's always better to go low."

Via Fastcompany.com