Facebook COO says email soon to be obsolete

Facebook COO Sherly Sandberg foresees the death of email

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg says e-mail may soon become obsolete, following the demise of the written letter and the telegram.

Speaking at the Nielsen Consumer 360 conference this week, Sanberg told the audience how teenagers are using email less and less and how she expects it will soon die out.

Watch what teens do with tech

Sandberg told the crowd: "I hate to be the bearer of bad news but in consumer technology, if you want to know what people like us will do tomorrow, you look at what teenagers are doing today.

"And the latest figures say that only 11 percent of teenagers e-mail daily. So e-mail — I can't imagine life without it — is probably going away. So what do teenagers do? They SMS and increasingly, they use social networking."

Sandberg didn't cite any more in-depth figures or research on the matter, but the fact that she is COO of Facebook, who presumably know more than most companies how teenagers operate online, is certainly reason enough to take her words seriously.