Ebay unveils new look, same-day delivery

New Ebay Redesign
New look, new same-day delivery schedule

An Ebay press conference gave the tech world a glimpse into the online auction's future with an updated look and new features such as same-day delivery.

Over the next 100 days the company will roll out a new interface to its US customers, and to the rest of the world within the next year.

One of the biggest changes is the graphical overhaul the site will undergo. The new look will be more photo-based and update Ebay to keep it in pace with its slicker-looking competition.

AllThingsD described it as "kinda Pinteresty." Ebay lured most of the staff of social shopping site Svpply onto its team. That gives us some idea where Ebay's redesign will take it.

Ebay Now!

The company also announced a new same-day shipping app, Ebay Now, which is currently available to the public through iTunes.

The app offers $5 same-day shipping on purchases of more than $25 from retailers such as Target, Best Buy, Nordstrom, Toys R Us and Macy's.

However, the pilot program has been testing the waters in San Francisco, and looks like it will stay only in that market for now.

So unless you live in the Bay Area the same day shopping won't be too exciting. But at least it seems to be past beta testing.

Neater, cleaner and smoother

A host of technical upgrades will also be implemented, including better and cleaner search results.

Ebay unveiled a feed that will automatically populate each customer's front page with suggestions based on past purchases and searches. Users can also steer the feed by following certain "interests."

The upgrade will also feature a "neater and cleaner" path to purchase and a smoother checkout process, according to CTO Mark Carges. He also promised Ebay will become more social in the future.

Another addition includes the "My Garage" feature, that will better help motor-heads find the correct auto parts for their cars.

Beyond the new style changes, mobile support was a big theme at the press conference. The introduction of the Ebay Now app backs that up. And executives promised an iPad-style revamp, to help Ebay look better on tablets.

That is all we can expect from Ebay for now.

Via AllThingsD