UK gets a new no-contract cloud payments gateway service

UK gets a new no-contract cloud payments gateway service
Take mobile payments with no long-term contract

Australian payment gateway provider eWAY has launched its innovative pay as you go e-commerce payment service into the UK.

The new system allows businesses to setup an e-commerce payments gateway without the need to sign-up for long 12 or 24-month contracts, and additionally unlike most payment gateways the new eWAY service can be switched on and off - avoiding the standard monthly fixed charges – instead it's charged on a pay as you go basis with hourly billing and fixed transaction fees.

eWAY founder and CEO Matt Bullock explains "By providing cloud-based payment we can help start-ups and SMEs get on their feet and take payments for their products and services far more quickly and more conveniently than ever before, meaning that their growth is not held back by having to invest in complex systems they don't need."

The cloud service starts at 5p per hour and a fee of 15p per transaction, with the first 350 transactions per month free, and includes Beagle anti-fraud services, up-sell and cross-sell transactional emails, mobile payments, and social networking integration throughout the eWAY payment process.