CA CloudMinder becomes hybrid model

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CA Technologies has added a handful of new functions to its CA CloudMinder identity and access management (IAM) system, pushing its availability as a cloud service.

The new capabilities include support for social identities, including Facebook and Google, providing single sign-on for self-registration sites.

CA has also given customers the options to use CloudMinder as an on-premise solution, a cloud application or a hybrid of both.

In addition, it has added more than 30 connections for provisioning, including support for Office 365, mainframes and other business applications.

These extend the capabilities of CA CloudMinder to provide a system that manages identities and access for employees, partners and customers to cloud or on-premise applications using any device or identity that they choose.

While the company has previously aimed the product at larger enterprises, it is now targeting smaller businesses as well with the software as a service option.

Colin Bannister, CA Technologies' CTO and Vice President for the UK and Ireland, told TRBC: "Our history with on-premise was targeted on large organisations, but this takes us down to any size of organisation. They can have the ability to manage identities for employees and customers in the same way."

Paul Ferron, the Director for Security Solutions EMEA, said the pricing would be based on a per user model. Although the company is keeping the minimum number of users at 3,000 for direct sales, it is now working with a number of resellers that will provide deals targeted at smaller businesses.

The original CloudMinder provides for advanced authentication, identity management and single sign-on. It works with cloud applications including Office 365.