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Microsoft makes ExpressRoute generally available to enterprises

Azure ExpressRoute Microsoft
Azure ExpressRoute is ready for general adoption

Microsoft has made Azure ExpressRoute available to enterprise users, according to reports. Azure ExpressRoute is designed to allow businesses to create private networks between on-premise or colocation data centers and IT infrastructure.

ExpressRoute networks do not require public Internet, which Microsoft says offers enterprises higher security than public Internet connections. ExpressRoute is also designed to simplify and enhance data migration and replication, data center expansions and disaster recovery.

Microsoft ExpressRoute partners include AT&T, BT, Equinix, Level 3, SingTel, TelecityGroup, Verizon and Zadara Storage.

Azure enhancements

Microsoft has recently bolstered efforts to generate enthusiasm for the Azure cloud platform. Last month, the company launched a redesigned management portal for Azure. The service was released through a new SDK to enable cross-platform compatibility, and Azure Web Sites and Visual Studio projects and databases were merged into one resource group.

Prior to the enhancements, Microsoft reduced prices for Azure cloud services, including a 35% reduction in compute prices and a 65% reduction in storage prices. The reductions allowed Microsoft to compete with Amazon Web Services prices.