Drive for Work delivers unlimited storage for low monthly price

Google Drive for Work
Google means business

Enterprise users received a nice shout-out at Google IO this year with the introduction of Android for Work and a new suite of Google Drive options offering unlimited storage for as many users as needed.

Google Drive reported for work during the conference with the launch of a new unlimited storage offer for corporate and enterprise customers priced at only $10 (about UK£6, AU$11) per user monthly.

With the ability to store files up to 5TB in size, Google Drive for Work now includes additional audit reporting and security features as well as the ability to sync, open and edit Microsoft Office files without the need for conversion. This removes a long-standing pain point for Drive adoption.

Google Senior Vice President Sundar Pichai announced Drive now has more than 190 million active personal and business users monthly. Those folks should be pleased to learn the new Drive for Work offering is available worldwide today.

Just the facts

Google Drive for Work promises end-to-end data encryption with advanced features including API auditing for developers, eDiscovery for Google Vault search across all stored content and security certifications for specific industries such as health care.

One tiny footnote for small businesses with fewer than five users: That "unlimited" storage offer will actually be 1TB per user for the same price, which is still a heck of a deal all things considered.

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