BT Cloud brings at least 2GB online storage to broadband customers

BT Cloud brings at least 2GB online storage to broadband customers
Bit of an Apple bias there, BT?

Still need somewhere to store your music online? BT has joined the cloud locker party with BT Cloud, complete with iOS and Android apps.

The digital locker service allows BT Broadband users to store photos, videos, music and other digital bits and bobs for access from their smartphones on the go.

There are two packages available as part of your BT Broadband deal: a 2GB option and a 50GB one. BT says that's enough for 500 or 12,500 songs respectively.

Bits and bobs

If you're more of a film fan, the 2GB option only has room for (approximately) two films but the 50GB should store around 70 - probably not HD films though.

You'll have to log in to the My BT user site to find out which you're automatically entitled to, but you do have the option to upgrade to 100GB, 250GB or 500GB of storage - we've asked BT what sort of prices it is charging for these upgrades.

While it doesn't explicitly address the issue of pirated music and film files, BT is clear about how it "doesn't support activities which infringe the copyrights of the holder".

But whether it'll be checking up on you in this regard is another story.

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