Apple and Facebook in spat over Ping

iTunes 10 is not available for download, featuring Apple's new 'Ping' social network

Apple and Facebook are not seeing eye-to-eye over the former's entry into social networking this week, with the announcement of Apple Ping.

Ping is available now, as part of the new Apple iTunes 10, although Facebook doesn't seem to want to get officially involved.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs informed reporters this week that the two companies had discussed how to work together to promote Ping, but that Facebook's terms were "onerous."

Ping causes 'issues'

Apple used some of Facebook's open programming interfaces to let users find their Facebook friends on Ping, although this stopped working earlier this week.

While Ping could well have directed considerable amounts of traffic to Facebook, sources claim that this would have caused site stability and infrastructure problems, hence Facebook pulling the Ping plug.

Following this, Facebook said in statement: "We're working with Apple to resolve this issue. We've worked together successfully in the past, and we look forward to doing so in the future."

Apple has not yet responded to the matter.

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has already opened his own account on Ping.

Via The New York Times