IBM teases next-generation Z Series mainframe

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A new model of IBM’s Z Series mainframes is set to arrive later this year, the company has confirmed.

Expected to arrive halfway through 2022, IBM’s z15 successor was confirmed during the firm’s recent Q4 2021 earnings call.

CEO and IBM Chairman Arvind Krishna highlighted that the current Z Series mainframe has been the company’s most successful, but after 11 quarters on sale it is due to be replaced.

IBM z16 incoming?

Krishna confirmed that the arrival of Big Blue’s next-generation mainframe is now set to be late in the first half - or early in the second half - of 2022.

It is reported that the upcoming successor to the z15 - likely to be called the z16 - will run a new ‘Telum’ chip manufactured by Samsung. Built on a seven nanometre process, the Telum chip should pack 22.5 billion transistors, allowing it to meet clients’ demands.

Krishna said that users of IBM’s Z Series mainframes are, “eager to leverage hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence to move their business forward.” 

With many leaving the office, and others leaving the industry altogether as a result of the pandemic, Krishna indicated that automation could be crucial when moving forward.

Elsewhere, IBM CFO James Kavanaugh highlighted the company’s 6.5% per cent growth in revenue compared with the previous year to hit $16.7 billion, with total revenue for 2021 sat at $57.35 billion. 

Kavanaugh added he hoped the next Z Series mainframe will boost sales further, with numbers dwindling for the soon-to-be-replaced z15, which has been on sale for almost three years.

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