This is how they did those brain-melting stunts in Mad Max: Fury Road

This is how they did those brain melting stunts in Mad Max Fury Road

When TechRadar first saw the trailers for Mad Max: Fury Road, we were blown away. But we also came away with the feeling that there's no way director George Miller could pull off making the whole movie that cool. We were wrong. Very wrong.

As our movie chums at GamesRadar+ explain, the movie "sets an extraordinarily high bar – then pole-vaults clean over it and smashes the entire rig to smithereens."

But just how were those fantastic car stunts achieved? Well, this exclusive-to-TechRadar video reveals all you need to know - and you will be happy to hear that CG was kept to minimum. Pretty much all the action you see happened in camera and it's quite frankly insane.

As George Miller says in this featurette: "We decided to shoot this film old school."

We are so glad he did.

Mad Max: Fury Road is out in UK and Australian cinemas now and in the US Friday.