Denon gives birth to 500AE affordable hi-fi

The PMA-500AE stereo hi-fi amplifier and the DCD-500AE stereo CD player are a lot cheaper than many other hi-fi systems

Denon has launched a new range of what it calls "affordable hi-fi" in the form of the PMA-500AE stereo hi-fi amplifier and the DCD-500AE stereo CD player. Denon said the launch marks a return to its "affordable hi-fi roots". And it continues to roll out new hi-fi products which range from £160 to £5,000.

The PMA-500AE Stereo hi-fi amplifier retails for £180, while the DCD-500AE Stereo CD player can be acquired for £160.

As well being under £200 each, Denon says the 500AE components offer amazing value whilst being "incredibly well built" with solid alloy fascias and heavyweight power supplies. Both apparently deliver musical performance beyond their price class.

Both models feature Denon's 'Soft Wave' styling and are available in silver and newly fashionable black.

The 500AE CD player includes a 192kHz digital to analogue converter to make all CDs sound top notch. Denon's strictly selected parts and heavy construction reduce vibration to maintain a crisp sound.

Meanwhile, the 500AE amplifier is what Denon calls "fully discrete". A High Current (HC) Single Push Pull Circuit, high-speed, large-capacity power supply. audiophile-grade capacitors and a clean, straight-path circuit design deliver musical performance above the 500AEs price class.

James Rivington

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