HD DVD Promotion Group dissolves itself

Yours for £2 down your local Esso mini-mart...

Now that there’s nothing left to actually promote, the HD DVD Promotion Group has finally done the decent thing and fallen on its sword.

While the International website has already been closed, its US equivalent appears to be lingering on for now, although it too, no doubt, will be gone faster than the last complimentary copy of

Batman Begins


It’s now nearly six weeks since Toshiba announced it was throwing in the towel, time enough, it appears, for the HD DVD Promotion Group to tie up all its loose ends and call it a day too.

As we’ve reported elsewhere on the site, in the aftermath of its demise HD DVD presently finds itself in a rather bizarre state of format limbo, with many early-adopters left wondering what to do and many manufacturers and movie studios left with devalued stock on their hands.

On the one hand there’s been an attempt to pass existing HD DVD players off as standard DVD players with upscaling abilities. Yet on the other hand, existing HD DVD titles are being afforded about as much dignity as can be found in the £2 bargain bin inside your local petrol station.

One good thing about the dissolution of the HD DVD Promotion Group, however, is that the various tech news sites are finally running out of things to say about HD DVD. Who knows, maybe one day our dear and departed hi-def format may finally be allowed to rest in peace…