New software to slash HDTV costs

The next generation of HDTVs are set to become cheaper
The next generation of HDTVs are set to become cheaper

Ocean Blue, a UK-based manufacturer, has created a new software program that cuts down the amount of chips needed in an LCD or Plasma TV.

Coined Sunrise, the software allows HD, digital, and analogue transmissions on a single chip, negating the need for multiple microchips in hi-def tellies.

Ocean Blue claims this will cut down on development time and costs, both from a hardware and software point of view.

And that's not all, the software also houses in-built power-saving features to make TVs that little bit greener.

Working with the industry

Speaking about the software breakthrough, Ocean Blue's CEO, Ken Helps, said: "High Definition will be the hottest broadcast technology of 2009 and the single chipset solution for televisions will be the panacea. Standards such as DVB-T2 have only been finalised this summer.

"Ocean Blue is working closely with the semi-conductor industry to produce the hardware & software solution that will power the new generation of televisions, which will also be more energy efficient."

There's no word as of yet when this software will be implemented by TV manufacturers, but as the company is promising that "the new generation of televisions" will be cheaper and more energy efficient, we hope that it is sooner rather than later.

Marc Chacksfield

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