Halo Infinite could be getting an early access release

Master Chief in Halo Infinite
(Image credit: 343 Industries)

Details of a Halo Infinite "Early Access Bundle" have leaked online.

Though there's been no official word that Halo's upcoming installment will release in early access, earlier today a curious Twitter user shared a screenshot of what they purport is an "Early Access Digital Bundle" associated with Halo Infinite on the Microsoft store.

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Interestingly enough – or not, as the case may be – there are no other details such as price or release date available, but if authentic, it suggests that not everyone will have to wait until December 8 to play Master Chief's next adventure.

That's not all they uncovered, either. The same person also discovered what they think is a reference to four unannounced "DLCs", although – once again – Microsoft stopped short of the details, so we don't yet know exactly what they entail, or if they'll come at a cost (thanks, GamesRadar+).

Analysis: was Microsoft right to delay Halo Infinite?

Although it was originally meant to launch with the Xbox Series X in late 2020, Halo Infinite's release date is now December 8, 2021, and will include both the game's campaign and multiplayer modes. The good news for people unable to secure a next-gen Xbox system is that the first-person shooter will be a cross-generation title, so Xbox One owners will also be able to play from release day. 

There’s no doubt that Halo Infinite’s delay took the shine off Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console launch, but it appears that the delay might well have some 343 Industries’ game the world of good. The game’s multiplayer – which is free-to-play for the first time in the series’ history – has been extremely well-received, even if questions still remain about Halo Infinite’s campaign mode.

And don't forget, Halo Infinite will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers for free on day one.