Had your Instagram account hacked? Getting it back is now less of a headache

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Having your Instagram hijacked can be a nightmare – you try to log in, only to find that your username, profile picture and bio have been changed – but thankfully the photo-sharing service is now making it easier to get everything back under control.

It's currently testing a new recovery system that doesn't involve messing around with emails and support forms, then waiting for replies, like you do now.

Instead, as Engadget reports, you'll be asked for personal details such as your original phone number or email address. You'll then be sent a six-digit code to verify your identity and retake control.

Ultimately, it will be possible for all this to be arranged from within the app, keeping stress and hassle to a minimum at a distressing time when your carefully chosen profile pic may have been switched to a Disney character.

Harder to hack

Instagram is also making it tougher for hackers to meddle with compromised accounts, locking down the ability to change username for a while after another major account change.

This feature has already been rolled out to all Android users and will be hitting iPhones over the coming days, but the easy recovery system is still in testing. Fingers crossed you'll never need it.

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